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Making ONE Page of Pillar of Light: Joseph Smith's First Vision

Step 1: The Script

We start with a page of script. This is written using all four primary accounts combined with the secondary accounts. The primary accounts were weighted as most important and the secondary accounts as less important.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 4.02.48 PM.png

Step 2: Roughs and Script revisions

As Sal looks at the script he comes up with a rough idea of how the page could look, where the text bubbles could go, the poses and facial expressions. He experiments with different poses, facial expressions, compositions, and then sends his final rough to me and we talk about how the images are working to convey the story and what, if any, we should change. This is also the point where made decisions about adding some additional text from the story or moving action from one page to the next page. This is also where any costuming, or historical changes would be made. For example: we needed to show a stump with his ax in it, and signs of clearing wood and chopping trees, so that is changed in the next step.


Step 3: Final Pencils and Script revisions

Sal makes the changes we discussed and then renders the final pencil drawing. This would also include making room for any new text boxes that would be needed for additional text.


Step 4: Inking

Sal takes the final pencils and puts black ink over them like a pro! This is where he works out any additional shading or final details not included in the final pencils. It is sometimes easier to leave certain shading out since it would be better just to ink it.


Step 5: Coloring-Flat Colors

I work on coloring based on a colors suggested by Sal. I work on getting the flat colors figured out and save the rendering for later (if I can resist!).


Step 6: Coloring-Rendering and other changes

After the flats are approved by Sal, I work on rendering and lighting the page. I send this to him and he sends back changes marked as shown. This will go several rounds until it is finally right.


Step 7: Lettering

After the colors are approved I add the lettering to the page. Sounds simple, but it can get very tricky trying to decide where to wrap words, which words to hyphenate, and where to place the text box so it covers as little crucial art as possible. It's then sent to Sal who may suggest changes in positioning of the boxes for better flow of the eye. After those changes, it is finally done. Whew!!

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