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We are creating a graphic novel adaption of Joseph Smith's First Vision. It is called Pillar of Light. So many young people learn from, and are drawn to the graphic novel, illustrated format. It is a powerful way to teach.

I have partnered with the talented and experienced artist Sal Velluto, who is creating the art and serving as art director. 2020 is the 200th anniversary of the First Vision and we are excited to do a telling of the story that will reach young people in a new and profound way. We want to inspire the youth and to build their testimonies of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

We are drawing on details from all 4 accounts written by Joseph Smith as well as from those who heard him tell his experience firsthand. It will include details not previously shown in the current films and visuals. As we complete it, we will be making it available online for FREE.




The Golden Plates: Premium Edition THE BOOK OF MORMON



The Golden Plates is an illustrated adaptation of the fifth best selling book of all time, The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, which has sold over 120 million copies. This graphic novel/comic book adaptation was first created in 2005 by award winning artist Michael Allred. The Premium Edition has replaced the full text originally included in the first edition with simplified and edited text, making the story easier for younger readers to follow and also showcasing more of the stunning artwork. It has also been converted to digital form for enjoyment on phones, tablets, and desktop devices through Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo. New printed editions have also been released.

The first 6 issues cover the first 145 pages (27%) of the Book of Mormon, from 1st Nephi through the Words of Mormon. This adaptation is a fun and enthralling to way to help older children and teens understand and enjoy the Book of Mormon in a format more advanced than simplified children's stories or scripture readers meant for young children.

To read more about how and why these books were created click here or view more by clicking the videos below.

What are The Golden Plates Graphic Novels?
Why were The Golden Plates created?
Part of sale supports non-profit
Part of sale supports non-profit
Part of sale supports non-profit
Part of sale supports non-profit


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